Interview Grigory Ryzhakov

Grigory Ryzhakov   – author of – Mr. Right and Mr.Wrong

ryzhakovAbout the author: Grigory Ryzhakov is a molecular biologist and speculative fiction writer dwelling in the cosmopolitan London ecosystem (which is located in England, the coordinates for navigators 51°30′26″ N 0°7′39″W ).
Grigory grew up by the seaside, on the Pacific Coast of Sakhalin Island, which arguably belongs to Russia. In his stories, he likes to explore people in difficult situations facing unusual challenges and aiming to achieve the impossible.
His stories contain references to world literature, science, history, politics, I also like to use grotesque and irony. His major literary influences are: Haruki Murakami (romantic and mystic), Fyodor Dostoevsky (psychological), Jasper Fforde (quirky and humorous), Jack London (sincere).

Mr-Right-Mr-WrongGR-682x1024About the novel:

Having two admirers can be a headache. Chloe meets Blake, a hunky DJ, and Terrence, a charming banker, on the same day. Dating two men was never her plan, so what is she going to do?
With her tough uni course, a job at a florist’s and a mother desperate to marry her off, Chloe’s got more than enough challenges in her life already. She doesn’t need this new one her heart has thrown up for her.


The Interview:

What aspired you to become a writer?

I’m a practicing biomedical researcher, but a part of me wants to create art. I felt like it’s a calling in me from the very young age. I have been writing poetry since the age of six, in Russian, and then during my twenties I started song writing, both in English and Russian. Then at the age of twenty five I tried writing prose, again both in Russian and English, and since then the need to write fiction has always been growing in me. The primary urge was to write stories with characters reflecting on the modern world, on its present and future. I guess I’m too young to reflect on the past yet.  I wanted and still want to make this world better with my stories, to inspire people to fight for their lives, for their dreams.  I think literature is not just for entertainment, it’s a way of educating the human soul.

What are your favorite books and why?

There are many books I adore, the first that came to mind is Martin Eden by Jack London, probably because it’s a story of a troubled writer in love.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Fyodor Dostoevsky, I admire the ambition and the grandiose scale of his thought, his psychological analysis of human life.

Is there anything you like to do while you write (eg listen to music, have tea?)

I drink gallons of water, tea, coffee; I eat tons of sweets while I write; I graze on seeds, nuts, etc. My brain needs energy and liquid to create worlds. I don’t drink alcohol while I write; I’d probably fall asleep if I did. I don’t need help with my imagination, it is crazy enough already.

What is your latest book? Tell us a bit about it:

It’s called Mr Right and Mr Wrong. It is a novel about a girl called Chloe who falls for two guys at the same time. Then she has to make a choice.  It’s quite a journey featuring London, Paris, Heidelberg and fictional Leighborough locations.  As all of my stories, it belongs to a literary fiction genre, though it’s disguised as a romantic comedy. There’re lots of underlying themes in it:  betrayal, friendship, confidence, choice, delusion, emotional instability. There are scientific topics in it as well, like plant intelligence or soil ecosystem, since all major fictional characters I write about are connected to science somehow.  Story-wise, the closest famous books to Mr Right… are Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

How long did it take you to write your last novel?

It took me four months to write my latest book, very quick compared to my first novel, which took 6 years. Sometimes books come to you in a ready from, so you just write them down. I was lucky with my latest one.

Do you take bad reviews to heart?

Yes, because I pour my soul into my stories, even if they’re cheeky and comic.  They are sincere. I don’t hold grudges if I receive criticisms. It’s one of the foundations for writer’s growth. Luckily, so far I have had mostly positive reviews. So, the worst is to come yet.

Do you read all of the reviews you receive?

Absolutely, unless I’m not aware of them being published somewhere.

How do you create your characters?

Out of ideas a person can have, then I model sketchy images of them on archetypes and Jungian types to make them feel real to me and the reader, then add some features of people I know, then add further details, like quirks.

 Do you ever experience writers block? What do you do to get past it?

I don’t have time for writers’ blocks. Besides, my imagination is too wild to stop talking to me in the years to come.

What are your favorite Genres to read?

Mostly literary fiction, with elements of romance, humour, sci-fi, psychological drama. Thrillers, erotica and horrors are not my cup of tea. I used to read a lot of fantasy, but stopped doing several years ago.

What are your favorite genres to write?

Literary fiction, heavy on love and science.

 What are your future book plans?

I’m working on a sci-fi blockbuster at the moment.

If you could have any magical ability what would it be?

Making people happy.  I might have a small amount of it already, I need to be working on developing it further.

 Is there a writing tip you swear by? What is it?

Write from your heart, edit with your mind.


You can find Mr Right and Mr Wrong to purchase via these links:
Amazon Kindle

If you want to know more about Gigory you can find him here:



Twitter: @GrigoryRyzhakov



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