Review Policy/Contact

Please read my review policy:

I try to read books under as many fiction categories as I can, however I do have a preference for these genres:
Dystopia/post apocalyptic
Anything to do with magic or magical abilities (I will favor magic)
YA (young adult)
NA (new adult)

Please note: I don’t particularly like ware wolfs or wolf pack novels, but if the story doesn’t revolve around them I’m usually ok.

Genres I will probably steer clear from:
self help

I try my best to be open minded to all categories, but if the genre or description doesn’t appeal to me I’ll have a hard time getting though it. I don’t want to give someone a bad review simply because I don’t particularly like the genre.


Please email me on:

Please label the subject of the email: Book Review Request – (book name) (author name)

Please include these things in the body:

-Book description
– Genre
– Photo of the cover (optional, but I will tend to favor those who do this)
– Any links to places I can find you of your book.

Due to a very large amount of requests I can only e-mails to those book I accept. In saying that I will likely send an option to do a review or something else. Thank you for your patience as it sometimes takes me a couple of weeks to reply to e-mails.

If I do choose to review your book I require a MOBI file only so I can read it on my kindle.
I will also accept print versions.

Please understand that I do this to support Indie authors and for personal reading enjoyment. All reviews that I post will be my own personal opinion. Please note that by asking for a review you are asking for an honest opinion of your work.

I guarantee a book review for any book I approve for a review, but cannot give a certain time frame. Once I finish I will post the review on my blog, Amazon, Smashwords and Goodreads and send the author am e-mail.
If I feel like I cannot finish it I will not post a review and will notify the author.

Interviews and book blog tours also available if requested.

Thank you for taking your time to read my policy.

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